An automatic pill press machine helps making pills easy from a small and light set up to a room sized machine and doesn’t require any expert to operate the machine. This pill press machine is capable of making 6000 pill tablets a day and includes different types of press symbols to keep track of what pills you’re producing.  The Automatic pill press machine is also capable of making pills according to diameter, thickness, tablet pattern etc.

One of the best machines to make pills with is the Automatic single punch press tablet pill pellet making machine maker.  This pill maker is generally the size of small vase and uses an outlet voltage of 220v. Although other variances can be fully adjusted such as the, pill weight, thickness, press symbol etc. It is a great alternative to big industrial machines that run almost 24/7.  

How to operate an automatic pill press machine?


An Automatic pill press such as the TDP-5 is operated simply by using an on and off switch located at the left side of the machine. Once pressed “ON’ there will be a green small light above the on button.  The machine will automatically begin compressing and cutting the pill.

Lower drift pin assembly

Changing the Ejection height and Fill depth

To change the properties of the pill i.e the ejection height (top right black nut) you simply unscrew for increased injection height or tighten up the screw for less injection height.

Location: Below the on and off button, slightly to your right.

fill depth (bottom right black nut) which is the weight of the tablet which can be adjusted by simply tightening or loosening the nut.

Some automatic pill press machines have knobs that are used for controlling the pill. For example, ZP-9 Usually the left knob is used for pressure adjusting and the right is used for filling depth. The typical thickness that can be controlled is from 2mm to 6mm. Turn the knob anticlockwise, will result in the tablet thinning, this is if the pressure is constant.  When the left knob is turned anticlockwise, this will increase the pressure and the tablets will be thicker.

Upper drift assembly

Punch presser

Location: On the TDP-5 the punch presser is controlled by the upper drift pin assembly which can be found by directly facing the pill maker and locating the two black nut screws on top and at the bottom of a rectangular box with a warning label.

The punch presser is locked in place using the black nut on top of the rectangular shaped part


The flywheel can be used to operate the TDP-5 without electricity by manually spinning the wheel clockwise.


The hopper can hold half a kilogram in its inner funnel. This can be used to add the powder you want to compress as well as granules.

A great commercial automatic pill press machine for sale is the 110v automatic type single punch tablet press pill making machine tdp-5 us stock changing die.

Automatic pill press machine for sale

Commercial automatic pill press machine for sale

  • TDP 6 Tablet press
  • ZP-37D High pressure tablet press machine
  • PG pill tablet press machine
  • Automatic single puncher pill press machine

Automatic pill press vs homemade pill press

Both pill press machines are great for various uses and according to the users’ intentions. Most experimenters will likely buy a homemade pill press machine to synthesis pills according to his own preference and will not want to spend a lot of money when it comes to purchasing a pill machine whilst on the other hand, an automatic pill press would be for commercial use to mass produce only 1-2 different types of pills with little to no variance for pharmaceutical reasons. Although we know the clear answer of which one is better, let’s compare them from a different angle.


Homemade pill presses are usually the size of a small planting plot whilst automatic pill press machines have a wide range of sizes which the smallest is about a size of a medium sized vase and the larger ones can easily take up the corner of a small room.

Pill capacity

The automatic pill press can easily make over 5,000 pills an hour which is extremely impressive. Homemade pills are known to make 60-100 tablets an hour which respectable in its own right.


Automatic pill press machines have 92% consistency whilst a homemade pill press machine is below the 70% mark. This is because with the homemade pill press, the applied force will always vary according to the individual’s grip, force applied, amount of powder used etc.

Although the clear winner is the automatic pill press, the homemade pill press machine does a great job at: Creating experimental pills for experimentation purposes, saving purchasing costs by using DIY items around your house and leaving a tiny amount of carbon footprint which is great if you just want to make your own pills.