Pills come in different shapes and sizes, but where do they get their shape from? Is it a result of mixtures of powders that create round that pink or green pill you when needed? The answer is no! Most of the pills that you take are obtained as a pure white mixture which gets turned into powder and get compacted into pill form to allow easy ingestion and concentration but thanks to custom pill press dies, it gives them their desired shape

What is a pill press die?

Pill press dies are made out of stainless steel material that are coated with non-stick solution all over the steel to prevent corrosion and from the pill getting stuck inside the machine. There are about the size of circular part of a watch and Usually have the Default pill size is 17x7x7 (mm) but also varies due to user preference.  Pill press dies are also extremely Durable allow up to 1,000+ tablets to be produced in its lifetime but this also varies.

All pill press dies only allow one pill to produce at a time because it takes a lot of manual effort to compact the pill by using a hammer or a strong compacting force to make the pill as condense as possible.

Custom pill press dies

Custom pill press dies allow the user to control of the pill dimensions of the pill press die which allow the individual to determine the length width and height of the pill. Not only that but the individual can engrave a symbol at the bottom or at the top of the machine so his/her logo will appear on the pill. Custom pill presses are often more expensive than regular pill press dies and one of the most popular custom pill press is the Bullet shaped pill press dies Since the shapes and dimensions are specially made for them.

Custom pill press dies cannot be altered in anyway once bought that way, so one the user chooses the pill press with a long cylinder pill shape, the size remains that way.

Pill press dies for sale: tdpdies.com

  • TDP 5
  • TDP 6
  • TDP 0/ TDP 1.5
  • TDP 5/ VICE

Note: All of the dies mentioned above are made out of the same material and have the same life time expectancy, the difference being that the size dimensions are different from the regular standard pill.

Metal dye stamps

In addition, custom pill presses sometimes include Metal dye stamps that are custom designs that have been engraved to the tip of the compressing mechanism of the pill press die (Usually a cylinder) to engrave a logo, basic tablet line strike, the weight of the pill or symbol. Individuals experimenting with different powers will most likely use metallic dye stamps to keep track of different pills synthesized so they know will know what each pill contains according to the symbol.

Shaped pill press dies

Apart from using metal dye stamps to identify what a pill contains, shaped pill press dies can be used to identify what an individual has synthesized.  There are a wide variety of shapes to choose from including: Hearts, Stars, Cubes, Letters, Cylinders, Shapes etc.  This type of pill press can also be ordered as a custom since it’s user preference and is likely not to be massed produce unless it’s a form of e.g Heart candies.

Tablet molds

Tablet molds are designed for pills to take shape of a certain area once inserted in it. The symbol has to be already engraved at the bottom of the pill for it to take shape when the pill is compressed within the circular emboss of the pill press.

Custom punch and dies also contain individual tablet molds and punch dimensions which saves the time and energy of individually sourcing each material and making it.

How to make a pill mold?

What you will need:

  • Soft metal sheet platform e.g Aluminium
  • CAD Symbol mold
  • Screw driver
  • Cutter
  • Magnifier
  • Strong heater

Step 1:

Place the soft metal sheet platform underneath the magnifier and by this point you should have a mold.

Step 2:

Print out a Mold symbol that you have made using CAD e.g Solidworks.


Heat up the soft metal platform into a liquid and slowly pour over the mold symbol

Step 4:

Immediately place the mold+aluminium into cold water and extract the new mold symbol using the screwdriver.



You can use the 3d printed plastic mold but it will most likely break apart and deform due to the immense pressure it will be subjected to.


Individuals can also hammer their designs into a sheet of aluminum and cut the mold out and place it inside their own pill press.

There are plenty more pill presses that are being manufactured every single year that change the way individuals ingest pills and allow more customization. But that will be for another time, make sure to get your custom pill press dies!