Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect tablet, especially if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to some other ingredient, or need pills with a specific formulation. In the past, your choice was limited to commercial tablets, and you had to take whatever was available in the market. But now, with this kind of handheld pill press for sale, you have the opportunity to make your own tablets without having to deal with an undesired product.

For those who actually want to know what is inside of the pills they’re taking, this hand held pill press is perfect. Unlike any other pill press machine on eBay, this device is simple to operate.

The thickness of the tablets produced by this tablet press is 2 mm (0.15 In) to 19 mm (0.75 In). These measures are necessary in order to be able to buy the amount of powder added and the inserts that are used.

To adjust the pressure applied to the tablet at the time of use, the press has 5 modifiable inserts. Generally this press will result in tablets with 10 mm (0.6 In) wide.

Microcrystalline cellulose is the only thing that this handheld pill press uses to join tablets, thus giving desired results based on absolute strength

This innovative and enthusiastic handheld press comes in a complete pill maker kit that allows you to start making tablets immediately, fully built. With it, making your pills at home is quick, easy and surprisingly cheap. This pill making machine is light, portable, durable and very attractive; an easy-to-use solution for anyone who wants to make their own high-quality tablets.

How to press pills?

You just have to half apply one of the cap, then fill the inside with the supplements of your choice and finally, apply the other cap and create pressure with both of the handles.

You can save and take this press everywhere you go, because the handles are magnetically attached. This manual tablet press is a tremendously affordable introduction to tablet pressing, and offers you a convenient way to make a few tablets by the time you need them. With its ergonomic design and small pocket size, you can use it any time you need.

In case you’re still wondering why (out of all options) this type of machine is working like any other handheld pill press for sale, then it is important to note the properties. This whole new technology started making impressions when the new type of press developed by Kosbest turned out in the midst of the search for a durable prototype of a manual tablet press machine and plastic pill makers. This new proposal called "Cooper handheld pill press" or "manual copper pill maker".

From the experience of people, it has been proven that the copper chip press has been able to take advantage of both durable plastic machines. Being the most suitable and comfortable to use, it is easier to produce in small batches.

What kind of features does this small hand press have?

To begin with, its structure is composed of high quality copper, resistant to rust and other issues such as stains, damages and imperfections that appear through time. It is also important to address that it’s possible to adjust the thickness of the pads with this tablet machine. For this purpose, the 12 mm screw located at the bottom is used, thus changing the depth in the filling space and achieving the desired thickness.

It’s extremely easy to operate and has several ways of doing so. It is possible to use different punches and dies in the same machine. The diameter of the die can vary in the following way:

·       28 mm (TDP-0 / TDP-1.5)

·       37 mm (TDP-5)

·       40 mm (TDP-6)

·       26 mm (ZP machine)

Just as if it was not enough, even the design of your pills you are free to personalize, so you don’t only get to choose size, you can also take the patterns of pills such as XANAX, Viagra, A / 215, Watson, etc.

A pill press like this can be used in various industries, not only in pharmaceutical, but chemical, food, electronic industries, and is known to be quite handy for lab experimentation.

In general, the hardness of the pads produced in this type of devices is a great sign of the quality with which they were made, however, the tensile strength offers greater precision when comparing tablets of different compositions, shapes and sizes, and if it is compressed in different equipment. It is recommended to direct the process of making tablets following the basic standards of the product you want to obtain.

Hopefully this article will help you create your own personalized desired pills in no time! Pill pressing technology continues to evolve and we evolve with it.