Homemade pill presses don’t only save a lot of money when it comes to purchasing expensive pills in large quantities but they enable you to synthesis pills that are scarce in your area using helpful resources that can be obtained online. The DIY tablet press can be used for recreational purposes during your own experimentation to get the results that suit your method of experimentation in a straight forward manner. This tutorial will teach you how to make a homemade pill press.

You will need:

1. Metal Clamp and Hammer

2. Metalic 15 X 7 X 7(mm) pill (to place over powder)

3. Glue gun

4. Rectangular Block platform

5. Metallic cylinder with emboss middle dimensions 15 X 7 X 7(mm)

6. Closed off metallic tube dimension 15 (mm) wide 4 cm Tall

7. Thick Metal slit *Read Step 5*

How to make a homemade pill press–

Step 1

On a thick wooden platform, cut out the size equal to the metallic cylinder which has the emboss dimensions 15x7x7. This is where the powder is going to go every single time you want to make a pill.

It’s extremely important the cylinder fits perfectly to the wooden platform so it doesn’t fall out or become loose

The wooden platform can be any size according to the clap you are working with but make sure it is more than 2 inches thick.

Note: Leave 2-3 inches of thickness for step 5

Step 2

Take the wooden platform (that houses the metallic cylinder) and glue it down to the clamp stand so it sits firmly, you can even seal it down with super glue and make doesn’t move around.

The wooden platform will act as support when the metallic cylinder is being compressed so it doesn’t break apart easily.

You can even use the wood for leverage so you compress even harder.  

Step 3

Make a support for the clamp so it doesn’t easily fall over or make a wide base of support by taking wooden platform and welding metal supports to it.

Step 4

First round bottom the cylinder tube so it becomes round bottomed or just use a round bottom cylinder tube.

For this step you are going to take the metallic closed off cylinder tube and super glue or weld it on the clamp screw bottom so it is perfectly aligned to the metallic cylinder opening.  

Step 5

Cut out a thick rectangular slit at the bottom of the wooden platform so it perfectly aligns under embossed metallic cylinder.

This is being done because once you finish making your pill you will pull the slit and find your pill under.

Note: If you want to collect the pill in the slit rather than picking it up at the bottom, make the right side of the rectangular slit thicker than than the other side and increase the length of the left side. This way when the pill is done being pressed on the thicker side, as you slide it out, it will collect on the thinner side.  

Step 6

Use the small metallic (with engraved dot) pill dimension 15 x 7 x7 (mm) over the metallic pill opening once the powder has been inserted inside.

This is because the round bottomed cylinder clamp screw will push against the metallic pill and will not have enough friction to spin around the metallic pill which will only cause it to act as a pushing force on the small pill press.

Why is this needed?

A lot of individuals might need their own pill press machine because some users are required to take different types of pills to get the vitamins needed based on professional doctor consultation. The easier thing to do is to make a DIY pill press and synthesis the medicine using reference online.

Not only this but it takes out the hassle of swallowing 2-3 different types of pills every single day. This also allows you to keep good track on the medication you’re taking because you won’t forget to take the medicine if it’s all in one pill.

Another good reason is for Herbal enthusiasts how don’t like carrying refined powder in their backpack. They can simply store their herbal product in pill form using a pill maker to minimize the spillage or excess intake of powder.

Hopefully at the end of this article you know How to make a homemade pill press. It’s also important to know the right mixing ratios and binding agents when making pills so you don’t overdose on your own recreational pill. By configuring a few steps and adding your own elements you can make this also into a Handheld pill press. You can configure this with Homemade Hydraulic press plans by exchanging the clamps.