Pills sometimes referred to as tablets are the most common method of prescription in the pharmaceutical industries. They are composed of a concoction of chemicals in powder form that have been compressed into small ingestible and in some cases edible shapes.

The process of making a pill is a mainly a mechanical method that is carried out by a tablet press. The basic components of a homemade pill press are assembled with the following parts:

  • Hopper – which is used to hold and feed granules into the press.
  • Dies – these define the size and shape of the pill.
  • Punches – which are involved in compressing the powder within the dies.
  • Cam tracks – for guiding the movement of the punches
  • Feeding mechanism for moving the powder from the hopper into the press.

The compression procedure that is used in various pharmaceutical companies is divided into four basic stages and they are listed and explained below:

  1. Filling – this process involves the transfer of the powder into position for compression. The granules are blended into a uniform blend of chemicals.
  2. Metering – this procedure involves the removal of any excess powder from the press. This process is carried out by the punches that vary the height according to the required dimensions of the final product.
  3. Compression – during this process the two punches come together by pressure within the die to form the pill. The distance between the top and bottom punches determines the thickness of the pill.
  4. Ejection – this stage involves the removal of the pill from the lower punch die cavity. First the upper punch retreats, then the lower punch rises in the die, which in turn pushes the pill out of the cavity.

How to Take a Pill

The reason pills are preferred by most people, is chiefly to do with the fact that it is easy to administer.  The pill can be administered by just placing it on the tongue and ingesting, though this direct method may cause the throat to hurt when swallowing. The common method is to ingest  it with a glass of water to wash the pill down smoothly without the risk of the pill getting stuck in the throat.

If you are a cat lover and have cat as a pet, there will come a time when you will have to administer a pill to the feline. A common method of doing this is to hide the pill in the food. Pill pockets are a common way to do this. They resemble cat treats but are hollow inside to allow a pill to be inserted and given to the cat.  Another method is to introduce the cat to a variety of cat food over time, which will make it easy to identify soft foods that can be disguised to hide the pill. If there is a difficulty with introducing the food to the feline, it is recommended to first try giving the cat small amount of the new cat food and serve it with the normal cat food. To make a dog take the pill, the same method used on cats can be carried out, but dogs are not as selective with food compared to cats, so the administering of pills can simply be hidden in the food when the dog is served. It also helps to ensure the dog is hungry enough so that he/she will not be preoccupied with the pill.

Special Pills and Other Uses

Pills and tablets have also found popularity in Hollywood where a certain movie by the title, Limitless, depicted a pill called NZT-48 that gave the main actor, played by Bradley Cooper, the ability to access the full potential of his brain. This limitless pill has been the subject of debate on whether such a limitless pill is possible. As of today however, we are nowhere close to seeing such a pill on the market for sale. In the future we could see the development of a pill similar to the limitless pill, but such a pill will probably be heavily regulated if ever released.

The pharmaceutical industry also makes pills that help with penis enlargement and sexual activeness. The most popular one being Viagra™, which has dominated the market for decades. In other cultures that rely on herbs and natural medicines they normally use tree roots of special kinds of trees that produce the same effects as Viagra. These roots are preferred by such cultures due to the natural way with which they can be administered. Another natural method of making the penis larger without the use of pills is simply by using a towel. A warm damp towel can be used to strengthen the penis. The penis being a muscle can be flexed and can grow like any other muscle by this towel exercise.  The towel is placed over the penis like a scarf and the penis flexed to lift the towel. Small lifting exercises such as these can significantly increase the penis size.