LSD, or better known as acid, is a psychedelic, semi-synthetic drug composed of a series of chemical substances that change the state of mind and provoke hallucinations in those who consume it. It is made from Lysergic Acid, which is found in ergot, a fungus that grows in rye and other grains. It is processed in illegal laboratories in the form of crystals, which are converted into liquid for distribution. Among its features, we know that it is odorless, colorless and its taste is bitter.

What is LSD test kit?

It is a kit that includes a paper square of instructions to understand the results a revealing liquid that you will apply to the LSD in question. Day after day, new psychedelic substances (and dangerous) are tested and launched into the street disguised as other popular compounds in the world of narcotics and drugs, in order to test the response from consumers. However, many of these chemicals can put your life at risk, which has brought us the need to test the substances we acquired before ingesting them. Am I really about to take LSD? Find out with the LSD test kit.

How to use a test kit for LSD?

If you plan on consuming a substance like LSD it is your responsibility to test it before you ingest it. This will also make you wonder which LSD test kit to buy. The Ehrlich reagent is great for testing your LSD tab.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Cut a small piece of the tab’s corner with an exacto knife
  • Next, set it down on a white ceramic plate
  • Carefully apply one drop of the Ehrlich reagent onto it
  • White for the color change as the obtained reaction.

If color does not change, then there is a big chance that what you have is not LSD and if someone sold it to you as if it was, don’t consume it.

How to test LSD tabs without a testing kit?

Using reagents to test LSD tabs means that you have to be prepared for a part of your product to be lost, which is why many people seek to test without any kit.

You should be careful with this method because, as with ultraviolet light, the prolonged exposure of LSD to this procedure can degrade its composition. However, although they are not very common, there are other compounds that shine when exposed to blacklight, which leaves the most expensive but safe alternative, the laboratory tests.

Depending on which country you are, this can be a bit difficult and certainly more expensive than investing in a simple kit, but the results will be 100% safe and you will know exactly what you are about to take.

Another preliminary method to try to confirm if it is a different chemical, place the tip of your tongue on the tab and if the taste is bitter and your mouth numbs, you can rule out the possibility that it is real LSD.

What is the best LSD test kit?

The experiences of the consumers affirm that the reagent of Ehrlich offers the best results in the margin of detection of LSD and in TestKitPlus you will be able to access the best kit for identification of drugs. If you needed to know where to get a test kit for LSD and MDMA, this is the place. This kit for identification of substances includes a bottle of Marquis, which is recognized for the success it has had to recognize true MDMA and drops for Folin. Although the option is a bit more expensive, it gives you the complete package for your tests.

How to buy LSD Test Kit?

Ever wondered where and how can you buy LSD test kit? Ever looked on Reddit where to buy it? you have two options; Buy on a website or in a physical store near your location.

Get LSD test kit on Amazon: You can get the LSD test kit from Ehrlich with international shipping included at very affordable prices. If you’re from Canada this is a great option, for has a large variety of these products.

Get LSD test kit in Walmart: In Walmart you will get other alternatives such as the NIK test kit for LSD, which is also well known for its results.

Eztest comes as a great alternative for buying LSD test kits if you’re from Australia. Lots of test types for very low prices. is one of the best UK sites for buying LSD test kits. You can find  the LSD Multipack Test Kit, which contains one of each of the marquis, ehrlich and frothed reagents in 2 mL bottles.

Dancesafe also offers LSD test kits at affordable prices. How to use Dancesafe test kit for LSD on blotter? Following the same instructions for the Ehrlich’s reagent test kit.

If you’re looking for some LSD test kit near Minneapolis, you may reach Walgreens. There you will find everything you need concerning LSD, MDMA and other substances test kits.

How much is an LSD test kit?

Prices range from $25 to $90, depending on whether you buy packages that include kits for various drugs or individual kits.

As mentioned before, Test Kit Plus offers a large number of combos to test drug identification kits and their purity with prices very similar to those of Amazon. If you are going to take risks consuming some type of illicit substance, investing less than $ 30 to be sure of what you are going to take is the wisest thing you can do.

In urine tests to detect the presence of some type of drugs as in the case of the LSD Urine Drug Test Dip Card, however, there is the possibility of obtaining a false positive result with LSD and even with MDMA tests, so It is important to consider the possibility of an inaccurate result to obtain an accurate diagnosis, especially if it is a clinical case.