Pills have a wide variety of chemical mixtures and uses and it’s not uncommon for pills to be made from home ingredients and items that can be obtained from a nearby supermarket, but the question remains, how do I make pills from powder? This process isn’t as difficult as many experts claim, the recipes can be obtained online (if the ingredient is legal in your country) and additional instruments such as a pill making machine can be made at home.

Making pills from powder doesn’t only require intensive research to make sure your active ingredients won’t react negatively with each other but it also has to mixed in the right proportions to prevent the pill from easily breaking apart.

So, how do we make pills from powder?

What is needed?

  1. Tablet mix- Firmapress is a great all-in-one binding agent powder that is compatible with 99% of all of the mixtures. (recommended)
  2. 1+ powder ingredient of your choice (active ingredient)
  3. Microcrystaline Cellulose- A non-reactive strong bonding agent that adds bulk and weight to your pill (If Firmapress is not used)
  4. Scale (in Grams)
  5. Pill coloring agent (optional)
  6. Pill making machine

How to make homemade pills from powder

Step 1

Source your active ingredients and crush them into powder form if needed.

Step 2

Take your scale and weigh your active ingredient/s (your powder) in the ratio 5:1 to the binder (Microcrystaline cellulose) and mix it all together until you get a smooth blend. It helps to add a coloring agent to one pill if all the mixtures are white.

Step 3

Empty the mixed solution in the scale and Weigh 300-500mg of your final powder.

Step 4

After weighing your final powder, place it in the homemade pill machine or 00 capsule machine for final compression of the product.

Step 5

Compress your pill and allow up to 1 minute of compression if you have not used Firmapress as a binding agent.

Note: It’s important to use an all in one mix binding agent such as Firmapress because it includes:

It’s also important not to use ingredients that are acidic because Firmapress will become inert

Cornstarch as a tablet binder

Cornstarch usually makes the pill compact and rigid during a process called wet granulation it is a great substitution if other inert binders such as Magnesium Stearate Which Reduces friction between a tablets surface and the die wall during production i.e Prevents pills from sticking to machine is not used.

How to make pills from Dianabol powder?

Dinabol is well known for being a steroid and should not be mixed and used in large quantities. To keep things on the safer side. It’s better to only use only Microcrystaline cellulose with dinabol to have a more stable reacting pill. The Ratio should be 5:2 when using dinabol but this will vary.

Many games such as Xenoverse can guide users to make a Med mix capsule in xenoverse 2 by explaining the fundamentals of pill making and realistic ratios but mainly focuses on the fighting aspect.


Other users would rather use capsules because all of the capsules are already measured to 100-500mg so the individual takes less time to weigh the powdered solution. Capsules are also made to automatically melt down when it reaches some certain criteria such as Temperature, PH, enzyme etc.

Capsule filling machines are used most of the time to fill powders that are in the right ratios in an automatic manner so the pill doesn’t have traces of the powder outside.  

What are capsules made of?

Capsules are made out of:

  • Figure 1 capsule
  • HPMC capsule
  • Fish gelatin capsule
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Starch capsule
  • Size 0 capsule
  • Pullulan capsule
  • Polyvinl acetate (PVA) capsule
  • Soft Gelatin capsule

How to fill capsules?

What is needed:

  1. Manual Capsule Machine aka capsule liner:
  2. Capsules
  3. Large container
  4. Cup
  5. Cloth

Step 1

Take the empty capsules and remove the tips of the capsules so that you are left with the bottom capsules

Step 2

Place each bottom capsule into the capsule filling machine

Step 3

Take a huge container and place the capsule filling machine inside it.

Step 4

Fill your powder into a cup and pour it over all the empty capsule’s in the capsule filling machine.

Step 5

Take the top tips of the empty capsules and close every single filled capsule

Step 6

Take a piece of cloth or tissue and remove any powder on the bottom of the capsule.

Best capsule filling machine

  • NJP 3000 Automatic capsule filling machine
  • NJP 1200 Automatic capsule filling machine
  • NJP 800 Automatic capsule filling machine
  • DTJ-D best-selling capsule filling machine
  • Best 00 000 hard gelatin gel semi-automatic capsule filling machine