Pills come in different shapes, colors, sizes and flavors but the most important factor to consider is how to identify them using various testing methods and pill codes. The basic methods of identifying a pill such as tasting it is very dangerous and could lead to physical and psychological damage which is why advanced machines and pill IDs are used to determine the overall active ingredients inside the pill. Many new concepts will be explored below

All pills have a unique pill ID which identifies them instead of remembering tongue twisting chemical names and prevents errors being made when a user is prescribed a pill with poor writing. Down below are some of the pill ID and information.

List of Pill Identification codes, Names and Uses

Pill identifier: r194

Drug name: Fexofenadine Hydrochloride

This drug is used to treat individuals suffering from allergies by reducing the production of histamine that is found in the body. Histamine is known to produce symptoms such as runny nose, Itching, Sneezing and watery eyes.

Fexofenadine is also uses to reduce the effects of itching caused by chronic idiopathic urticarial.

Shape: smooth pentagon

Color: Maroon

Pill identifier: V 2632

Drug name: Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride

This drug is used for patients that are suffering from muscle spasm; sciatica chronic myofascial pain and is a relaxant.

Shape: Round

Color: Yellow

Pill identifier: V 36 05

Drug name: Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitrate

This drug belongs in the narcotic analgesic combinations class and aids in treatment back pain.

Shape: Oval

Color: Peach orange

Pill identifier v 3604

Drug name: Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone

This is the same as the drug above; it belongs in the narcotic analgesic combinations class and aids in treatment back pain.

Color: White w/ small red dots

Shape: Oval

Pill identifier v 4212

Drug name: Methocarbamol

This drug is used to treat individuals who have tetanus, muscle spasm and oplate withdraw.

Color: White

Shape: oval

Pill identifier Percocet

Drug name: Oxycodone and acetaminophen

This drug is used to relief serious pain in the body and contains opioid. Oxycodone works by changing the way your body responds to pain and eases it.

Color: Light yellow

Shape: Oval

Color: White

Tramadol pill identifier

Pill ID: 93 58, 1/1 | 7171 M. M1/

Tramadol is taken as an oral substance to treat users with repetitive severe pain and is similar to the drug above Percocet as it contains opioid and works by changing how the brain responds to pain ( Do not crush or chew).

Shape: oval

Color: White

Valium pill identifier


This drug is seen to be used with individuals who are suffering from deep anxiety issues, alcohol withdraw and muscle spasms.  Users of this medication also take before being subjected to radiology or endoscopy.

Colors: Blue, yellow

Shape: Round (with heart cutout)

Vitamin D Pill Identifier

Drug name: cholecalciferol

Pill ID: Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3, PA1040

This drug is used for patients that are lacking in Vitamin D which is well known to act positively towards our bones, intestines, kidneys and parathyroid glands which all regulate the amount of calcium in your body.  Although, it’s not essential for your body to have calcium, it’s essential for good health.

Colors: green, white

Shape: Oval (green), circular (white)

Darvocet pill Identifier

Drug name: Acetaminophen and Propoxyphene

This drug helps users that have severe physical pain to ease as a very strong pain killer. Propoxyphene is the actual pain killer in this drug as acetaminophen acts as a propoxyphene strengthener to make the overall pill stronger.

Color: Orange, scarlet red

Shape: Capsule

Ar 522 pill identifier  

Drug name: Arcabose

This drug is used for individuals who have diabetes.

Color: white

Shape: Circular

Pill identification wizard

This is a Wikipedia that has more than 1,000+ recorded pills in its database. Users can use this pill identification in case they want to research the drug their taking and make sure it matches their subscription. Not only that but most Pill mixers might use this reference to synthesis pills with the same effects of 2+ different pill.  The other features are as follows:

Side effects

The wizard also let users know what side effects they will experience once they take the pill so individual doesn’t report issues to the doctor.

Search drug by name

Users can search the drug name that appears on a medicine packet for i.e allergy reasons


Some drugs are not supposed to be chewed, cut, mixed with drinks, given to children under the age of 12, Taken once very few hours, so all that is listed on the drug.

Pill records

Over 1,000+ pills have been added to their database for knowledge and research purposes, any personnel’s taking medicine as a course will most likely use this site for any references but of course this will vary.