A pill making machine is a machine that uses the force compression to compact different types of powder mixture into the desired pill of choice.  There are different types of pill making machines that all have unique applications and depend on what the user intends to create, it all depends on the thickness, weight, Quantity and Quality the individual want to produce and affects the price.

Different types of Pill making machine

1.      Herbal pill making machine

2.      Manual pill making machine

3.      Automatic pill making machine

Herbal pill making machine

Herbal pill machines are machines that individuals typically insert small sized herb mixture not in powdered form but as slightly sticky substance with different types of herbs mixed together usually for Vitamin Purposes.

This machine is semi autonomic and creates pills by placing the herb solution (in a soft strips) into a machine that either slices them up into equal pill size proportion or Grinding and compacting the herbs into pill form

Manual Pill making machine

This type of pill making machine is usually used for experimenters who mix their own powders and usually produces 1 pill every single minute.

Manual pill making machines are constructed out of lightweight material and requires users to use their own Force to compact the pill. Each ingredient needs to be weighed on a scale and equally mixed before placing the Powder solution into a “pill-like” opening in order for it to be compressed.

Manual pill machines are really cheap compared to Herbal and Automatic pill machines because of the technology used.

Automatic pill making machine

Automatic pill making machines are big industrial machines that are capable of creating 1,800 to 175,000 Tablets an hour. Although most of the process is automatic there are typically controlled by PLC and man-machine interference which simple to operate.

Most of the automatic pill making machines have special oil-resistance and dustproof systems which prevent foreign objects from entering the pill.

Unlike Manual and Herbal pill presses, Automatic pill presses are no smaller than a Car type and can easily fill up a small room and require more than 200V to fully operate although this also varies.

How to keep pills from getting stuck in a pill machine

The best way to keep pills from getting stuck in a pill machine is for the pill machine material to be made out of polished stainless steel it which should be consistently polished after 10 Hours of use.

It also helps that the binding agent are in the right proportion and naturally has lubricant properties which make the pills easily slide out of the compression area.

But most importantly, all powders need to be dry when compressing them into tablet form. A lot of Beginners think that the tablet needs water to stay stuck together but this isn’t true. Most pills stay the same shape because of the great binding agent called Silica Di oxide which prevents the pill from leaving traces in the machine which makes it smoother and a lot compression force needed.

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Who invented the medicine pill making machine?

The First user of the medicine pill making machine was William Brockeedon but it was also used by pharmacists in late 1800-1890’s which argues on a lot on the true inventor.

These type of pill press machines where equipped with brass pill cutters and worked by first rolling up the medicine into a long worm like shape paste, Then the pharmacists would place it inside the pill cutter where each pill would be cut equally.

The size of the first pill making machine can be compared to a square plate and required intensive labor to produce one pill.

Pill powder Mix

Other than mixing different stimulants to your pill, the most important factor is to use a pill powder mix to actually make the pill. Failing to do so will result in a rough, weak pill that dissipates when it enters your mouth.

Firmapress is a great all-in-one binding agent powder that is compatible with 99% of all of the mixtures it includes:

·        Microcrystaline Cellulose- A non-reactive strong bonding agent that adds bulk and weight to your pill.

·        Magnesium Stearate- Reduces friction between a tablets surface and the die wall during production i.e Prevents pills from sticking to machine

·        Di-calcium Phospahate- Promotes uniform pattern and increases compressibility capabilities.

·        Silica Di Oxide: Silicon Dioxide absorbs liquid which improves the flow qualities and prevents damage of pill machines by reducing trace quantities.

All of the chemicals are inert which means that they will not react with your own chemicals of choice and doesn’t affect the taste majorly but it’s also important to note.