Pills/tablets are vital to have and can save lives just by administering them. They are made by pill pressing machines which can be handheld, manual or automated. To entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the tablet making industry, it is imperative that the first thing required will be a pill press machine. The basic components of a pill pressing machine are comprised of the following:

  • Hopper – this component is for holding the powder or granules to be fed into the press.
  • Dies – these parts are responsible for defining the shape and size of the tablet.
  • Cam trucks – this component basically guides the movement of the punches.
  • Punches – this part is responsible for compressing the powder within the dies to form the tablet.
  • Feeding mechanism – this is a necessary factor for the system to move the powder from the hopper to the dies. The feeding mechanism can sometimes be manual but most times it is automatic.

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Powder Feeding Device – mechanized feeders are employed to force powder into the die cavity. This is done to ensure that there is no weight variation and that content uniformity is maintained.
  • Pill Weight Monitoring Devices – This device is fitted in pill pressing machines that have a high tablet production rate. It is used to continuously monitor the tablet weight.
  • Tablet De-duster – when the pills are ejected from the die cavity they will usually contain excess powder on the surface. To remove this, the pills must be run through a deduster.
  • Fette Machine – this machine allows the tablet formation of products of low melting point. This machine does this by cooling the compression components to allow substances such as waxes to be compressed.  

This article focuses on the different types of pill press machines and dies for a variety of pills.

The following are the types of pill press machines:

  1. Xanax Pill Press – this type of pill press can come in handheld, tdp-0 types of machines. Each die is capable of making the required shape plus the special pattern can be customized by a designer.
  2. Handheld Pill Press Machine – these types of pill presses are easy to operate especially the modern ones available on the market.  To operate you simply apply the powder into one of the cups of a device that resembles the letter h. By applying pressure on both ends the pill can be made.
  3. M30 Mold Pill Press – this type of pill press is readily available for sale on many websites. They have dies that have the letter m engraved to stamp into the pill. They usually come in highly polished and toughened steel with each die capable of making perfect pills.
  4. 215 Pill Press – this tablet press has a TDP mold which stamps the number 215 into the work. These types of pill press machines are widely available in a variety of specifications, suitable for different dies.
  5. Automatic Pill Press Machine - these types of pill press machines are also commonly called TDP 6s tablet press machines and they are capable of making 4500 pills in an hour. They also have a compression force of 60kN punch pressure ensuring the physical and chemical composition stays intact. They come in a variety of sizes but for personal use it can come in a portable and handheld package.
  6. Cheap Pill Press – these types of pill press machines are handheld and typically do not need electrical power. The few types that do require electrical power have a small wattage and can be found for affordable prices.
  7. Used 10mg Percocet Pill Press – this type of pill press has dies that can be customized to have the design of the required stamp. The pill press machine can also be adjusted to produce pills that are 10mg and have a good range of mass specifications.
  8. Ecstasy Pill Press – in this type of pill press, the shape of die can be customized to have the particular design of the required stamp.

The following are the different types of pill press dies and punches on the market:

  1. Round Shape Punch Die Set – these types of dies are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and can manufacture shallow concave, concave with edges and deep concave flat tablets.
  2. Oval Shape Punch Die Set – These types of dies are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and are capable of manufacturing flat faced with bevel edges and concave with deep concave edges.
  3. Capsule Shape Punch Die Set – These types can be found in pharmaceutical industry and are able to make tablets with concaves with edges, concaves with bevel edges.
  4. Geometric Shape Punch Die Set – This type of die set is applicable to pharmaceutical, confectionery, chemical and industrial powder metallurgy industries. They are capable of making the tablets that are rhombus, rectangular, triangular and benzene shaped.