Taking medicine and supplements these days is quite the common occurrence, and many people are buying a pill press to produce their own.

With knowledge of illnesses becoming more common and diagnoses at an all-time high, medication is being prescribed to people far more quickly than ever. Furthermore, many times people would need to take multiple pills and medicines at once. With so many pills going down your throat at multiple times a day, you are kind of falling prey to your medicine without knowing what’s inside them. Now, with a pill press machine, you can make sure that the medicine you take is under your control.  

Production line including pill press machine

What’s Inside Your Tablets

Anyone who has ever opened their tablets knows that underneath the soft walls is powdered medicine and chemicals that are combined to give you the relief and the treatment you need. A common question is just how the powder is placed inside the pill. The combination of all those different chemicals and minerals is packed inside the pill using a tablet press or a pill press.  

What is a Pill Press?

A pill press machine is something that can be used to create a pill. It typically consists of two different cups and a die. Each one of the cups has two parts of the pill and presses it together to make a pill come together. Another common feature in pill presses happens to be a die. The die is used to create the space for the medicinal powder to be placed inside a pill.  

An industrial pill machine typically utilises an automated system to move the die and use the created space to punch pills together. Moreover, because this is an automatic system, it works quite fast and can make up to 250,000 to 1,000,000 pills every single hour. Think of a factory creating millions of pills every single hour to meet the demand of the public. It does seem quite crazy.  

Always wear eye safety equipment when pressing pills with a tablet press

Making Your own Pills

When it comes to making your own pills, you obviously won’t be able to afford an industrial pill pressing machine. It’s not only quite big, but it costs a lot while also taking a lot of electricity and resources to work. Moreover, you just need a few pills every single day, making the high speed at which industrial pill presses work quite useless to you. What you need is something much smaller and something that’s far more personal.  

Handmade pill press machines are something that’s widely available in the market and can be purchased by you easily. These tablet pressers are built on a far smaller scale and work manually. They can be operated by hand and can be carried by you easily to any part of your home and operated there without a single hassle.  

A handmade pill press is the best thing you can use when you want to take control of what you consume every single day. Preparing the medicine is obviously something you will need to do yourself, even if it might not be recommended for someone who is not trained in handling something of this importance or not knowledgeable about it, placing it inside the tablet and keeping it there is what you can do with a handmade pill presser.  

Why to Use a Pill Press

With so many pharmaceutical scandals going around and speculation becoming increasingly rife about pharmaceutical corporate malpractices, it’s not the best time to support the traditional pharmaceutical industry. With so much information available all around the internet, you are more than equipped to make your medicine yourself.

Gladys Berejiklian pill testing expert said:

Obtaining the minerals and the material required is not that much of a hassle, and with a little training you will be able to properly combine them together. What you will be left with is the task to put the pill together, and that’s where the pill press comes in.

Your pill press will often be called a tablet press during your entire experience with supplements and medicines. It helps you ensure that you do not consume anything that might affect you adversely or be a waste to your body. Moreover, instead of just consuming the powder including the medicine, you can organise your medication using pills without having to trust your nearest drugstore or greedy pharmaceutical companies.  

If you think getting a tablet press machine is not easy, you are quite wrong. Just search pill presses for sale or pill press on:

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You will find dozens of links to genuine pill press machines. Your medicine and their consumption is finally all in your control. All it will take is browsing the internet, spending some time in preparation, and pumping your pill press to bring out the pills for your daily use.