Capsule fillers are one of the best methods to store powdered solutions and do not require a special powder such as Firmapress for it to stay the same shape as we’ve previously seen before. The assorted sizes make it even easier for individuals to take the right amount of mg ranging from capsule 0-000 which will be looked at more in detail below.  The wide variety of capsule filler also makes it user friendly which include Vegetarian capsule, Gelatin capsule, HPMC, starch capsule etc.  The capsules can also be made to meet a certain body criterion and will not melt open unless the right temperature and moist levels are reached.  But the most beautiful thing about capsules compared to pills is how you don’t even need your own capsule pressing machine to fill a capsule but this is required if you want to make a pill.

How to use a capsule filling machine?

Manual method

100 holes’ capsule filler size 00 capsule filling machine directions

Step 1

A capsule is usually filled with a Capsule filler machine to drastically reduce time spent on filling each individual capsule and to make sure that the capsule isn’t damaged in the overall process.  Empty capsules usually come in a pack on 100+ capsules, once the capsules are on your desk.

Step 2

Put the alignment plate (box shape part) on the body plate (elastic part)

Step 3

Pour the 100+ capsules on top of the body plate and start shaking

Step 4

Remove the top part of the plate and make sure the capsules are the right way up

Step 5

Pour your powder mic onto the elastic body plate and spread the powder around so it fills all the 100 capsules.

Step 6

Use the Item with the handle (tamper) to compress the powder on top

Step 7

Place the alignment plate on the cap plate and pour the 100+ empty capsules

Step 8

Shake the plate gently side to slide and make sure that every capsule is firm. After removing the plate, adjust any incorrect capsule caps.

Step 9

Put the yellow middle plate on the cap plate

Step 10

Hold both the middle part & capsule plate and flip it upside down and align it to the elastic plate which has the powder capsules.

Step 11

Use your hands to press the plates together on top and remove the cap and middle plate and make sure the capsules are our sealed and pour them out from the middle plate.

Why does my capsule filler have so many attachments?

This is because this type of capsule filling machine includes a makeshift of what an automatic process takes place and combines it into a manual all in one method so you don’t require huge amounts of space to make capsules.

Automatic capsule filler

Capsules are also filled automatically using a capsule filler 00. The “00” sized capsules will fill 735 mg and this whole process is fully automatic and doesn’t need any help by any individual when filling pills.

Different parts of the automatic capsule machine:

#1 Feeder:

This feeder required the powdered solution to be fed into a funnel and can also work for granules a small chunks as the machine grinds all the powders again before it fills each capsule

#2 Feeder:

This feeder requires the capsules that will be used to hold the powder


All the powder is grinded using an internal extruder and turns it into fine powder form

Popular capsule fillers:

  • Capsule Filler Walmart – A cheap solution for individuals who want to make 100 capsules at a time and is crowned the best home encapsulating device which automatically joins and ejects filled capsules.
  • Mediqueen premium capsule filler- A good solution for small laboratory’s looking to make at least 1,000 pills every single hour with a simple process.
  • Aft- lab capsule filler- This capsule filler is capable of producing multiple dosage combinations including powders, pellets, micro tablets, gels and soft capsule-in-capsule combinations and leaves a small carbon footprint.
  • Keenso capsule filler- very fast capsule filler and is like by thousands of users.

Automatic powder filling & capsule closing:

Each capsule doesn’t need to be manually closed and filled. The whole process is automatic, depending on which capsule size you chose, the machine will automatically fill the right amount of mg every time.

The capsules are usually collected in a huge transparent barrel or a small plastic bag depending on how much is produced. Automatic machines are well known to produce over 200,000 capsules an hour but this obviously depends on different types of models.

A capsule filler is generally preferred over pills because of the simplicity of storage is and although they take longer to take see effects as compared to pills, they make up for it by not requiring any additional ingredients when making your own custom pill.